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We'll leave the light on!!!


Welcome to the United States Women of Today website.

If you would like your Website and/or Facebook page link added, please email me your link and I will add it. Please remember to let me know your state.


Do you have a community service project that your state/chapter will be involved in or hosting?

Will you be completing a project report?

Would you like more attendees?

Would you like to see possible ideas that other states/chapters are doing?

Are you holding community projects?

Are you completing those project reports?

Would you like to share?

Would you like to see what others are doing to support their communities?

If you answered yes to ANY of the above then the web is for you!!!!!

Why you might ask – we are a community service organization and when prospective members visit our website they want to know what we are about, what our states/chapters do, where they can visit to see us in action and what we ENJOY doing for others.

And for other states/chapters to find some NEW ideas, we have a new page titled ‘Recent Community Events’. So send me pictures (if a lot please send just a few at a time) and a short paragraph telling a little about the project.

Please check your chapter link – is it working, is it going to the wrong place, etc. If so, please let me know. We want the most up to date information on our website so prospective members can find us. I CANNOT do this on my own – I need everyone’s help and this means YOU!

Our website will always be under construction so please bear that in mind when visiting, but remember check back often. You just never know what you will find – maybe a picture from convention or an idea for a new project but always the most up to date information.

Please let me know if there is anything special you would like to see either added, changed, removed, etc. And that includes mistakes – I will be the first to tell you that I am NOT perfect.


Chellie Funsch

USWT Webmaster




Please be advised that some documents can not be changed, i.e., manuals are in .pdf format. Other documents have been transferred over to Google Docs. Click on item you want to download. If the document is not in .pdf, along the top there will be a formatting menu - click on 'File', go to 'Download' and choose your option.