Hello United States Women of Today members

My name is Jane Hanson and I am honored to be serving as your national treasurer this year.

Mid Year Convention Fundraisers in South Dakota:

· We will be holding a Gift Card Lucky Buck during the luncheon. Gift cards or cash in any amount are WELCOMED! Bring your dollars to the luncheon.

· Saturday Evening before the banquet, we will be holding a Ways and Means Fundrasier – Beer and Wine Tasting. You will have the chance to sample a flight of 4 beers or 4 wines or just choose 1 to drink for a $5 donation. Bring your thirsty friends.

· Check out the National Store for new exciting items.

Year Long Fundraisers:

· Send a Gold Smile – click on the order form or send info to For just $5, have a handmade card with an inspirational magnet sent to anyone you choose.

· Fill the Pot with Gold – consider making a Ways and Means donation as a chapter, state or member. Any amount helps fill our pot with gold!


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