Laura Gaylord, President

Wings to Fly

Dreams to be

USWT members I know you hear it all the time but WOW how fast the first trimester has gone by. Thank you for all you have done in your communities, chapters and states, you are the foundation and faces of the United States Women of Today and make me so proud and honored to be apart of this organization and given the privilege to lead this year.

I was able to travel to Iowa during the first trimester for my first official state visit and what a fantastic time I had. The inspiration, fellowship and talent are awe inspiring.

During the meeting the Iowa WT put together blessing bags to be able to give back to the communities and help those homeless or in need of the everyday essentials many of us may take for granted. What a fantastic project and THANK YOU for the opportunity to share in it. Check out the pictures on the USWT Facebook page for Iowa WT members in action during their state meeting.

I am looking forward to my 2nd trimester travels to Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Dakota for state meetings and events and can not wait to share with all of you.

The second trimester brings with it a new challenge to you the membership……the SOAR Challenge, the requirements are posted here on the webpage and this challenge is open to all members. GO FOR IT find you WINGS TO FLY and you will be amazed to see your DREAMS TO BE!

I am looking forward to our celebration of the first trimester at our Mid-Year Convention in Hartford, South Dakota and I encourage you to plan to attend as you will not want to miss it. These conventions are for each of you as there will be forums from both the programming and membership teams, opportunities for personal growth with the impromptu and writing competitions, reconnection with old friends and the development of new friendships from across the United States. Of course, there will also be a celebration of the great things that are being done in the USWT from each of the states and chapters.

Thank you for an amazing first trimester and here is to an awesome second trimester.

Let’s start the conversations, make a plan and start the journey of reaching our goals and dreams this year.

In friendship,



Below are the items needed to be completed for the challenge. This challenge is for all members.

          • Share your 1st trimester reflections, accomplishment or progress with USWT national president via email or postal mail.
          • Participate in a DVA or membership event______________ (name of event)
          • Complete a certification, transmittal or community connections report ________________ (which one completed)
          • Sign a new member _____________________________ (name of member)

Send into President Laura by December 31, 2018